The list of famous Labradors is a long list because Labradors as a breed is one of the most successful assistance and working dogs.

Famous Labrador Avon  (Buccleuch Avon)

Famous Labrador Avon  (Buccleuch Avon)
Buccleuch Avon Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Avon is considered the foundational dog of the modern Labrador breed.

Buccleuch Ned

Together with Avon and Malmesbury Tramp (m) and Malmesbury June (f) are considered to be the foundational dogs of the Labrador breed.

All chocolate Labradors originate from Avon, Tramp and June.

Ben of Hyde

First yellow Labrador on record.

Famous Labrador Ben of Hyde
Ben of Hyde. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


Endal the Labrador, the most famous and most decorated Labrador
The most famous and most decorated assistance dog in the UK and possibly the world.

Endal was able to respond to over a hundred instructions as well as hundreds of signed commands. He could:

  • Retrieve items from supermarket shelves,
  • Operate buttons and switches,
  • Load and empty a washing machine,
  • Use both chip and PIN ATMs,
  • Retrieve the card when the process was complete,
  • Return the card to a wallet,
  • Learned sign language,
  • Pull the plug out of the bath before going for help if his owner falls unconscious whilst bathing,
  • Put his owner, Allen Parton, in the recovery position after he was knocked unconscious by a car
    • (Endal pulled Parton into the recovery position, retrieved his mobile phone from beneath the car, retrieved a blanket from the upturned wheelchair and covered him, alert barked at a nearby hotel for assistance with no result, and then ran to the hotel to obtain help),
  • Hit the emergency button on a telephone and summon help,
  • Help out with shopping,
  • Open train doors,
  • Operate elevators,
  • Unload the washing machine,
  • Get the newspaper.


Hounds for Heroes Charity was formed in honor of Endal.


A yellow Labrador Golden Retriever cross, a Guide Dog for the Blind holds the Freedom of the City of London, the first and only Free Dog of the City of London.


The guide dog of the Education Secretary, David Blunkett, once vomited in the British House of Commons during a Parliamentary speech.

Famous Labrador Lucy with her blind owner
David Blunkett and Lucy
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Served with former US President George H. W. Bush during the last six months of his life.

Famous Labrador Sully
Sully, President George H.W. Bush’s service animal, waits with his handler at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, Dec. 03, 2018. Military and civilian personnel assigned to Joint Task Force-National Capital Region provided ceremonial and civil affairs support during President George H.W. Bush’s state funeral. (DoD photo by U.S. Army Pfc. Katelyn Strange)


Timber was named “Heroic Guide Dog of the Year” by Guide Dogs for the Blind (UK) in 2005, after saving the life of his owner, Arthur Griffiths, during a traffic collision.

Salty and Roselle

They each guided their owners out of the burning towers before they collapsed just before Tower 1 collapsed on 9/11. Salty led his owner Omar Riviera down 70 stories. Riviera released Salty so the dog could have a better chance at survival, but found the dog would not leave his side.

Roselle led her owner and 30 other people down 1,463 steps out of the tower before it collapsed.

Famous Labradors Salty and Roselle
Roselle with owner Michael Hingson and Omar Rivera with Salty. Salty and Roselle were joint winners of a Dickin Medal for leading their owners out of Tower 1 of the World Trade Centre on September 11.


As a puppy, he was abandoned with a broken leg and dislocated hip, but as an adult became one of fewer than 200 U.S. government-certified rescue dogs

Became a national canine hero after burrowing through “white-hot, smoking debris” in 2001 during the September 11 attacks in search of survivors at the World Trade Center.

He also helped Hurricane Katrina survivors in 2005.

Famous Labrador Jake
By FT2 at en.wikipedia – http://www.fema.gov/kids/images/photos/m_flood.jpgTransferred from en.wikipedia by SreeBot, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16542676

Lucky and Flo

Twin Black Labrador counterfeit detection dogs became famous in 2007 for “sniffing out nearly 2 million unlicensed counterfeit DVDs” for the Motion Picture Association of America. They repeated this a few years later in shops in Queens New York and pirate syndicate bosses put a reward on their heads.

They were awarded by the Malaysian government.

Sarbi (Sabi)

Sarbi was a female black Labrador Retriever Newfoundland cross-trained in explosives detection.

Sarbi went missing after a joint Australian, American and Afghan vehicle convoy was ambushed by insurgents on 2 September 2008. Sarbi was rediscovered in November 2009 by an American soldier and determined through the use of voice commands that Sarbi was indeed a trained military dog. After being flown back to her Australian base in Tarin Kowt, handlers confirmed the dog was Sarbi.


Sadie, (born 1996), a black Labrador Retriever, is a recipient of the Dickin Medal, the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross. She saved the lives of dozens of soldiers in Afghanistan by detecting a bomb outside the United Nations headquarters in Kabul.


He helped recover 57 country-made bombs, 175 petrol bombs, 11 military bombs, 242 grenades and 600 detonators. His biggest contribution was the detection of 3,329 kg of RDX. He also helped detect 18 Type-56 rifles and five 9mm pistols.

Zanjeer received a full state funeral in his home city of Mumbai.


Frida worked for the Mexcian navy and took part in 53 operations in various Central American countries, saving 12 lives and locating 40 bodies.


Willie saved his friend, John Stenglein, from a wolf attack at a logging camp in Icy Bay, Alaska.


The dog of US President Bill Clinton.


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Labrador Retriever.


Prince William’s black Labrador is one of his many pets and one of the many pets owned by the Royal Family.

King Buck

Successfully completed an unprecedented 63 consecutive series in the National Championship Stake and was the National Retriever Field Trial Club champion for two successive years (in 1952 and 1953), a record that stood for 40 years.

Blind of Arden

The first dog to appear on the cover of Life (1938), also winning the No.1 competition at the time, the open all-age stake of the Long Island Retriever Club, with a “remarkable” blind recovery.

San Joaquin Honcho

San Joaquin Honcho won the 1976 National Field Trial Championship and accumulated 142 All-age points during his competitive career.

Storm’s Riptide Star (Rascal)

Storm’s Riptide Star, or “Rascal,” was the first chocolate lab to win the National Field Trial Championship. He was the 1996 National Field Trial Champion.


Oldest Labrador and 7th oldest dog on record at 27 years and 3 months.

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